Silvia Coulter

Silvia Coulter is a Co-founding Partner of LawVision Group and leads the firm’s Client Development and Strategic Growth Practice. Law firms rely on Silvia’s substantial experience in collaborating with them on their business development and key client retention and growth strategies, client service strategies and process improvement initiatives. Prior to co-founding LawVision Group, Silvia chaired the Client Development Practice at Hildebrandt Baker Robbins. Silvia is a recognized leader in law firm business development strategy and is a frequent speaker at legal industry conferences, and law firm retreats. Silvia has spent twenty years as a consultant to the industry and has served as chief marketing and business development officer at two Global 50 firms. Silvia co-facilitates LawVision’s highly successful CSO Boardroom which meets twice each year.

Key Service Areas:

  • Client Retention and Growth Planning/Strategic Account Management

  • Business Development Skills Training and Coaching

  • Client Feedback Interviews

  • Process Improvement, Legal Work Re-engineering and Client Service Improvement

  • Retreats and Meetings Facilitation and Presentations

  • Mergers & Acquisitions - Candidate Firm Analysis; Business Development Analysis

  • Marketing and Business Development Firm Wide Audits

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