Jaime Fernandez Madero

Jaime Fernández Madero is founder of Fernández Madero Consulting (FMC), a strategy and management consultancy firm for professional services. FMC is focused in advising law firms, legal departments and other professional service firms in Latin America.

Jaime was a founder of Bruchou, Fernandez Madero & Lombardi, one of the top firms in Argentina.  He served as managing partner for 10 years until he left the firm to devote his time to the investigation and strategic consulting of the legal profession in Latin America.

Jaime has his Master’s Degree in Organizational Studies from the Universidad de San Andres, a leading business school in Latin America.  His book, "Organizing Professional Service Firms" has recently been published.  Jaime is also the founder of the "Center of Studies for Professional Services" in the Universidad de San Andres.

Jaime will be working with Hildebrandt Consulting in advising Latin American firms, as well as those firms who have an interest in Latin America.  He will be making several trips to the US and will be available for consultations.

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